Proper Resources and Training Are Key To Selling and Installing the Industry-Leading Unico System!

Unico University

Unico University provides HVAC contractors with the resources & training necessary for the complete understanding of the Unico System and its proper installation. Unico University offers three different training methods for installing contractors to choose from:

In addition to the Unico University training program, Unico trainer, Jason Church is also hosting a fun, sometimes irreverent, but always informative monthly webinar series, titled “On the Job with Jason,” You’ll laugh a little while learning a lot from our resident expert! Geared for contractors, distributors, or other industry professionals, the hour-long session begins with a topic of technical importance for Unico, or even something more general in the HVAC world. Jason will explain it simply, thoroughly, and sometimes hysterically. Following the discussion, the session opens up for a Q&A with Jason about anything that comes up relating to HVAC, or otherwise. Watch for updates on how to register for the next “On the Job with Jason.” To access past webinars, log in to Unico University.